Making Efficiencies Appear Out of Thin Air

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At Contact Industries, we are proud to serve as our customers’ one-stop shop for Door, Cabinetry, Millwork, and Furniture component parts. But what does this really mean? What do we actually do? What makes Contact so special? In Short: We work with our customers to identify how our custom component parts can increase efficiencies through […]

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Your Door Frame Needs. Our Door Frame Solutions.

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At Contact Industries, we proudly serve as your all-inclusive solutions provider for all door frame needs. We produce a wide range of interior and exterior frames that are designed to fit style, regulatory and budgetary needs, including fire-rated frames that help our customers comply with the strictest of fire ratings without compromising aesthetics. Your Door […]

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Veneer of the Quarter – White Oak

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With a straight, coarse grain, white oak is a strong, beautiful, easy-to-work wood species that offers an exceptional value to woodworkers. Widely used in cabinet and furniture making, white oak’s heartwood is a light brown to light gray to medium brown, it stains and finishes well, and features a tighter grain pattern than Red Oak. […]

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One-Stop Door Frame Solutions from Contact Industries

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At Contact Industries, our wide range of interior and exterior door frames are designed to fit most any door style and budget. These frames offer trouble-free installation with features including machining for hinge and strike, pre-drilled sill holes, weather strip and corner seals, and end-sealing to prevent moisture wicking. Our fire-rated door frames allow our […]

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7 Tips for a Successful Fire-Rated Door Frame Project

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In an industry where increasing restrictions and regulations seem to cast a larger shadow over aesthetic and cost possibilities within projects, fire-rated door frames are no exception, and perhaps even the poster child for this challenge. If not careful, meeting client needs while adhering to various performance requirements can become a daunting task at best, […]

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